HEAVING blue-dot_10x10 CRACKING blue-dot_10x10 DAMPNESS blue-dot_10x10  DETERIORATION blue-dot_10x10 NOISE

Noise transmission, heaving, cracking, dampness and the resulting deterioration of roofing systems are the critical architectural and engineering issues that surround the use of outdoor spaces located on terraces, roof structures and balconies.

To deal with these critical issues WEGU developed the Terring paver pedestal system that utilizes flexible and durable vulcanized rubber slab supports.

The Terring, an elastic support ring that separates the paving slabs from any Sand or aggregates are no longer required. Mortar joints which are susceptible to cracking are eliminated. Crack formation is not possible-all movements caused by loads or temperature variations are taken up by the open joints and the flexible Terring Spacers.